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The perfect accessories to make life easier for all manual, electric and solar powered opening skylights.

Plus the ultimate in home automation and remote operation for electric and solar opening skylights.




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VS Manual Accesories

Accessories for Manual Opening Skylights & Skylight Blinds

ZCT 300 Extension Rod. (for Skylights)
The rod has a crank handle winder with a hook on the opposite end, which connects to a hook on the skylight. Turning the handle will open or close the skylight. One rod can operate multiple skylights.

Length: 1.45 metres – extends to 2.85 metres
For: VS Manual openable skylight

ZZZ 201 Winder Handle. (for Skylights)
The winder handle is a crank handle fixed permanently onto the manual openable skylight. One handle is needed per skylight.

Length: 120mm
For: VS Manual openable skylight

ZOZ 032 Short Rod. (for Skylights)
The rod is a short version of the ZCT 300, and will operate a manual openable skylight within reach. One rod can operate multiple skylights.

Length: 60cm
For: VS Manual openable skylight

ZXT 200 Extension Rod. (for Blinds)

The rod is a straight rod with a hook on the end, designed to hook into the handrail of the manual blinds. Pulling or pushing the rod will operate the blinds up or down.

Length: 1 metre – extends to 1.85 metres
For: DSH & FSCH Manual blinds

KLF 200 Smart Automation

KLF 200 Home Automation Interface for use with VSE & VSS Skylights
The KLF 200 is a Home Automation interface used to link with Home Smart Systems (eg CBUS, Dynalite etc). It relays radio signals to existing Velux products.
2.4 Ghz bi-directional radio frequency unit.
Comes complete with plug and cable to connect with a standard Australian GPO power point (240 volt).
Velux products can be registered directly to the KLF 200/or via the KLR 200 remote control.
One KLF 200 can operate up to 200 of the same products simultaneously, when in a group. It can also be used as a repeater unit to operate products over longer distances.
Operation of independent product groups require additional KLF 200 units.
Operating distance is approx. 10 meters indoors/75 meters outdoors.
VSS Solar Skylight plus DSH blind will require 2xKLF 200 interfaces.
Should be installed in a dry location.

KIX 300 Active Climate Control

KIX 300 Active Indoor Climate Control – NEW!
Add smart indoor climate control to your skylights!

Velux ACTIVE with NETATMO indoor climate control creates a healthier indoor climate in your home – automatically.

Smart sensors continuously monitor the temperature, humidity and CO2 levels in your home and open or close your Velux electric and solar powered Velux products to create a healthier indoor climate.

The starter kit includes: one indoor climate sensor, one departure switch and one gateway. Both the starter kit and the smartphone app are required to install Velux ACTIVE in your home.

It works out of the box to regulate your indoor climate via smart sensors, and its accuracy gradually improves as it learns to understand the indoor climate of your home.


Sensor-based ventilation – Smart sensors continuously monitor temperature, humidity and CO2 levels and open or close your roof windows to ensure a healthier indoor climate.

Daily ventilation – Proactively ensures that the room is ventilated at least three times a day for a fresher, healthier indoor climate.

Smart heat protection – Proactively closes blinds based on local weather forecast information to prevent overheating of the room.

NOTE: Additional ACTIVE indoor climate sensors (KLA 300) are recommended if multiple rooms contain opening skylights. These are available a separate item.