Openable Roof Window – Blinds


Velux has a choice of Roof window blinds that provide different levels of light control.

Tailor-made to fit perfectly to each size of roof window, they are easy to install and are supplied with aluminium side channels.

Available in Blockout or Honeycomb.




SKU: DKL (Manual Blockout) | FHC (Manual Honeycomb) Category:

Blockout Blinds

Velux Blockout blinds give you the best blackout – day or night. Providing a near complete blockout of light, they are perfect for bedrooms or anywhere else in the home that you need to completely block out the light.


  • Completely blocks the light out
  • White colour to blend into the ceiling
  • Reflective backing which reduces heat gain & loss
  • Reduces light by approx 100%
  • Reduces heat by approx 40%
  • Discreet silver blind rails and fascia

Honeycomb Blinds

Velux Honeycomb Blinds are a stylish and modern blind providing protection from heat and glare while providing a near complete blockout from light.


  • Stylish and modern design
  • White colour for a stylish look
  • Attractive honeycomb structured pleats
  • Reduces light by approx 95%
  • Reduces heat by approx 60% with insulated air pockets
  • Discreet silver blind rails and fascia